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Immigration Services

Immigration Services

Green Card Applications:  All types of adjustment of status applications handled, from asylum and refugees to spouses and family applicants, applicants eligible under the LIFE act, employment-based applicants, and others.

Consular Processing:  Handling of consular applications for immigrant and non-immigrant visas.

Naturalization:   Filing of naturalization petitions and interview preparation, assessment of good moral character and other naturalization issues.

Spousal Visas:   U.S. citizens and Permanent Residents can bring in their spouses as immigrants.

Fiancé(e) Visas: U.S. citizens can bring in their fiancé(e) as a non-immigrant and shortly thereafter marry in the U.S. and file for a green card.

Family Visas:  U.S. citizens can potentially bring in children of any age or marital status, parents, and siblings.  Permanent residents can bring in their minor, dependent children and unmarried adult children.  Restrictive rules apply to adoptive and step-children, and the biological children of unmarried men.

Removal of Conditions:  Both for spouses and step-children, joint petitions and waiver requests.

TPS:  Initial and renewal applications for nationals eligible for Temporary Protected Status.

Employment:  Employment Authorization Documents, temporary work visas (H-1B, H-2B, O-1, L-1, J-1, E treaty visas), labor certification, employment-based immigration.

FOIA Inquiries:  Expert guidance on preparing your immigration-related Freedom of Information Act request to retrieve the exact information you seek and interpreting the results.

Reasonable Fees

Firm policy is to strive to keep our fees low and competitive with similar firms offering comparable immigration law services.  Our firm breaks the immigration process down into small component steps for which we charge flat fees.  This allows us to charge less to begin work on a client's case, and it means clients have smaller payments to make which are easier to fit into their budget.  Normally payment is expected up front before beginning work on a case.  However, if necessary, payment plans can be worked out upon request.  Fees and payment plans are determined upon an individual basis after initial case consultation and after review of the potential client's responses to the firm questionnaire.  Firm policy is to offer two discounts.  The first is 25% off to repeat clients who hire us for later steps in the immigration process.  This discount reflects that less work will need to be done on a repeat client, because much of the information necessary for a case will already be in our files.  The second discount is 10% off for all clients who are active duty members of the military.

The law firm keeps our fees low by conducting communication with clients as much as possible by email, telephone, and regular mail.  We also expect our clients to be actively involved in their own cases, handling those matters which they are capable of doing themselves, such as collecting birth certificates, marriage certificates, and passports.  Our fees do not cover the cost of an attorney or paralegal becoming directly involved in such matters.

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